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Wed , Jul 17 2019

 Atomic Energy Central School No. 1      & Junior College, Tarapur
In Palghar District Athletics Championship-2019 held at MSF Ground Saphale on 17 & 18 April 2019 a) Tvisha Kadam of II-B got II prize in long jump b) Sanvli Kamble of III-B got III prize in long jump ,II prize in 4*50 Mts Relay c) Shreya Save of III-A got I prize in long jump , III prize in 60 mts run , II prize in 4*50 mts Relay d) Jeet More of VIII-B got II prize in 600 Mts Run e) Suyash Dalvi of XII-B got I prize in triple jump ,I prize in long jump
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Last Updated on 02/05/2019
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