Independence Day was celebrated in AECS-1, Tarapur to pay our reverence to the sacrifices made by the great martyrs. The institution was brimming with the spirit of patriotism. Smt B.Gomathi, Principal AECS-1 unfurled the national flag followed by the national anthem. Speeches in Marathi, Hindi and English added partriotic fervor to the occasion. This was followed by rendition of partriotic group song that created spectacular ambience throughout the premise. In the end message was given by the principal Smt B.Gomathi that patriotism should be earned or it will wither away. She opined that the agonizing pain faced by our ancestors should be valued till the end. The Principal opined by saying that Good governance does not start with THEM it starts with YOU and ME. So if each individual will do their individualistic task there would more topnotch think tank that would play a vital role in the growth of our nation. Finally sweets were distributed followed by dispersal.