International Day of Yoga was celebrated in AECS-1/JC Tarapur on 21/6/19.The celebration aimed at creating citizens with the dual responsibility of purging each individual  and improving the society from  the clutches of negativities. All the students and teachers were geared up to perform all the asanas and exercises demonstrated the Yoga Instructors. There were basically threedifferent Yoga Sessions- for NCC Cadets, Secondary and Senior Secondary and Primary . The guest for the NCC cadets was Mr Jasbir Singh who performed certain asanas and walking exercise to improve the stamina of NCC Cadets. All the NCC Cadets followed his instruction in unison. Then the second yoga demonstration session was for the primary section. The guest for the day was Mrs Hema Nigam a renowned yoga instructor who has been trained by Baba Ramdev in 1996.  Being a social worker she takes the social responsibility in improving the health of the current generation.  She started the session by doing asanas for improving memory, stamina and concentration.  A wonderful explanation was given regarding good food habits because that is vital for the growth of the tiny tots. The students were completely engrossed in performing Tadasan, Suryanamaskar, and Acupressure for improving eyesight and certain breathing exercise. This session gave them a wonderful platform to bring positivity to their body and mind. The third session was for the secondary and senior secondary



section. The guest for this session was Mrs.HitashiDhonde, a well-known yoga instructor from TAPS 3 & 4 Colony and her daughter DhanshriDhonde. Their demonstration started with a detailed description regarding the benefits of Yoga in everyday life.  She opined that Yoga gives positive effect to the body ,mind and soul.Yoga is not only a kind of physical exercise but it makes our body strong. She created a positive vibe amongst the audience by explaining the importance of smile in one’s life.  Smile creates a sense of positivity within oneself and for others. She demonstrated Padmasan, Pranayam and Titasan asking the students to focus on their way of breathing and posture. All the students were concentrating when they were chanting OM. Thus all the three demonstration session was a brilliant learning experience for all the teachers and students.Finally snacks were distributed for the students.